Biker Wear

Variety of Biker Wear

Riding a motorcycle is risky and fun. But you need the right protective gear to keep you safe. Leather gear is a very important piece of protective gear. Every rider should also have a good pair of leather motorcycle boots, a pair of riding gloves, a jacket and chaps. We have all these items and vests, too.



Take a look at our motorcycle chaps collection and match our leather chaps with your motorcycle jacket. We can help you match your existing leather jacket with our biker leather chaps, or you can buy a complete set from us. Superior protection for the open road. Protects against wind, debris, abrasion and colder temperatures. Chap sizes are determined mainly by the circumference around the thickest part of the thigh and fit best over snug-fitting jeans. Chaps shouldn’t be loose or baggy. You want a somewhat snug fit, but still comfortable, allowing ease of movement. Motorcycle chaps should be long enough to just reach the boot heel when sitting.


Come see our collection of biker leather gloves for your riding needs. Ride longer with motorcycle gloves from Thomas Trading Post. Get proper grip, protection and comfort! They’re durable, too. We offer options such as full-finger, fingerless, gauntlet, and liners, so you can find just the gloves you need. Our gloves are designed with a purpose in mind and for any season.


Biker leather jackets are worn on top of other apparel and are made from top grade leather. Our jackets are made to help keep you safe while riding. We strive to enhance your joy of riding. After your helmet, a high-quality leather jacket may be the most important motorcycle gear you buy. A  motorcycle jacket not only makes a statement of your individual style, but it also provides protection. For a jacket to be comfortable while you’re on your bike, it will need to have slightly longer sleeves, have extra shoulder room and come down far enough in the back to cover the top of your pants. Consider features such as vents, pockets, lining and padding.


Our leather vests are easy to match any of your existing leather apparel. Great for yourself or any club needs.  But leather vests serve much more purpose than just style and giving you something to show your club’s insignia. They offer protection while allowing your arms to breath in warm weather.
Many of these vests are made to either be worn by themselves or over other riding gear and tend to be slightly adjustable accordingly. Vests are great in case you get caught in the rain, too.

Motorcycle/Biker Boots

Milwaukee Boots are leather motorcycle boots known for their high quality, durability, comfort, flexibility, and style. These boots are made for riding because of their low heel. They’re the one piece of motorcycling gear that riders usually wear all day even after we’re done riding. You want all the protection of a motorcycle boot, but in disguise; something comfortable and stylish enough to wear all day. Shop for features such as the construction, soles, fit, armor and protection, replaceable parts, closures, material and height.

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